Protect-a-Wall. Nursing Home Door Protection

Visit any business that sees a high degree of public foot traffic, and you’ll soon enough see PVC kick plates, especially in spaces such as public restrooms. Many medical facilities have them on all internal doors as well. Why are they there?

PVC kick plates are a simple modification designed to prevent unsightly scuffing, scraping, and scratches on the paint of doors. These types of damage most often occur from being hit with and pushed open by trolleys, wheelchairs, or an individual’s foot. They are especially common in healthcare settings when many users may open doors by pushing them with trolleys or beds. 

Protect-a-Wall kick plates come in custom cut to size to fit any door in your facility, no matter how large or small. A powerful, high-grade adhesive sticks the plate to the door, making installation fast and easy while allowing for the future replacement of the kick plate, too.





Does your facility need kick plates? Answering a few quick questions can make it easy to understand if these products are a worthwhile investment for your business. 

  • Has your facility had to replace doors that wore out too soon due to repeated damage with equipment impacts?
  • Are you tired of unsightly scuff marks that make areas of your facility appear dirty even when they undergo frequent cleaning?
  • Do you want to make it easier to push doors open without worrying about damage?

Any of these scenarios familiar to your work? If so, PVC kick plates may be just what you need. Learn more about these products now.

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