Door Protection Hospitals

Plasterboard corners may look durable from afar but run into them with a trolley loaded with an important shipment or a care home resident on the way to a treatment facility, and you’ll see they aren’t all that strong. Even one sudden impact can knock huge chunks out of a plasterboard corner or leave behind obvious dents and scratches. Such damage is not only unpleasant to look at, but it can accumulate over time to the point of requiring a serious repair. Protect-A-Wall is here to help you eliminate this minor yet very troublesome issue.

How? Plasterboard corners are easy to protect if you have the right equipment. With corner protectors that stick on using an adhesive or permanently attach with screws, you can ensure that any impacts only hit a durable surface — not the sensitive plasterboard underneath. These products are ideal for many sectors, including healthcare, education, and logistics.



The options available for you to choose from include:

  • PVC. Available in eight standard colours, this high-impact plastic is easy both to attach and to remove for later replacement—ideal for environments with some impacts but not a major problem.
  • Polycarbonate. Shatter-proof and available in white, ivory  or as clear polycarbonate is even stronger than PVC and can resist more frequent impacts.
  • Stainless steel. The toughest option for the most high-impact environments — for when you don’t want to ever think about fixing plasterboard corners again. We also offer powder coating to match the guards to your building’s decor.

Find the option that suits your building best today.


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