Protect-a-Wall Door Protection

Consider using our door protectors to keep your doors free from accidental dents and marks that become harder to remove over time. These protectors are the perfect solution when you want to keep your doors looking their best in areas with high foot traffic.

You can install our reliable protectors in any of the following places and see immediate benefits:

  • Aged care homes, hospitals, or other places where people extensively use trolleys or wheelchairs.
  • Parts of a school or university where foot traffic is constant.
  • At home, if you have children or during temporary renovations.
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  • We cut them to size to make sure they fit your doors precisely. Cutting to size means we can help any client meet any specific requirement, no matter the size of their doors.
  • Our door protectors come with double-sided tape to make your installation even more comfortable. There is no easier installation, especially since it allows you to keep the protectors up for as long as necessary.
  • We also have stainless steel alternatives available for those who prefer more durability. These protectors are ideal in areas such as hospitals where equipment, trolleys, or even wheelchairs move around.

You can avoid damaged doors with our protector range and their simple installation. If you have any questions regarding the simplicity of use or other aspects of the product, feel free ask.

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