Polycarbonate Corner Guards from Protect-a-WallCorner protection products are simple add-ons for safeguarding corners in high-traffic areas without the need for structural modifications. For indoor areas featuring frequent passage by trolleys, carts, or beds, and outdoor areas trafficked by vehicles, corner protection protects both the wall and passers-by from minor scrapes and collisions which can cause damage.

Corner protection comes in multiple materials to suit different types of demand. Available options include:

  • PVC
  • Polycarbonate
  • Stainless steel
  • Extruded rubber (for outdoor use)

Each solution comes in many heights and sizes to suit different applications in many kinds of buildings.



Why invest in corner protection products? It’s best to do so early in a building’s life, rather than later when problems begin to become evident. Personnel moving quickly through hallways and trying to navigate corners are likely to impact them from time to time. 

Protecting these corners provides benefits, including:

  • Preventing cracks, chips, and deep dings in the corner due to sudden impacts with equipment, which can accumulate and become difficult to repair over time.
  • Protecting the structural integrity of corners and avoiding the physical and visual degradation that accompanies damage.
  • Contributing to a safer indoor environment by rounding off corners and making them less dangerous to those on foot and for wheelchair or walker users.

Ideal for applications in the healthcare sector, industrial applications, warehousing, schools, and business, these corner protection products are an important part of protecting structures from damage. Find the option that’s right for your building and enjoy safer spaces.

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