• Wall Protection1>
    No more need to repaint due to scuff marks
  • Door Protection
    No more trolley damage
  • Rub Rails
    Protects walls from chairs and bed heads
  • Wall Protection
    No more need to paint due to scuff marks
  • Corner Guard, ideal for health care and hotels, Protect-a-wall
    PVC Corner Guards
    Ideal for health care and hotels
  • Door Frame Protection, Protect-a-Wall
    Door Jamb Protection
    Able to bend the wall sheet to size
  • Polycarbonate corner guard protection
    Polycarbonate Corner Guards
    Our strongest guard in clear and colours

Wall Protection

Protect-a-Wall will solve all your wall protection problems. Whether it be constant scuff marks on your walls and doors or damage to your corners from trolleys, Protect-a-Wall high impact resistant PVC is the answer.


  • High Impact modified semi rigid PVC designed to withstand maximum impact

  • Resists scratching

  • Easily cleaned for minimal maintenance

  • Able to be cut and bent to individual requirements

  • Numerous colours to match your decor

  • Stainless steel panels also available


  • Aged Care

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Schools

  • Nursing Homes

  • Disability Homes

  • Wall & Door Protection

    High impact semi rigid PVC Wall protection designed to protect Walls and Doors from knocks and bumps.

  • Corner Guards

    High impact corner guards, available in PVC, Smooth Polycarbonate or Stainless Steel.